Málaga and its Growing Tech Industry

February 22, 2021

At the end of last week, it was made public that German technology corporation Dekra will increase its tech team in Málaga. This comes on the back of Google’s announcement of their five-year plan to invest 650 million euro in Spain’s cybersecurity sector, with Málaga chosen as their headquarters. This is telling of our regions growing importance within Europe’s tech industry, where our home-grown success is attracting increasing amounts of international investment.

Having been a part of Málaga’s tech industry since 1997, we at FMIT are thrilled that our ecosystem of talented professionals and thriving businesses are capturing the attention of companies from around the world.

We are a city that is most know as a global hotspot for tourism, but as this pandemic has made evident, it is essential to diversify our economies. As leisure travel has halted, demand for software has only grown. Companies are beginning to re-evaluate their business plans, realizing that efficient and robust data availability is essential to navigate times of turbulence and uncertainty.

As the demand for our products and services is continuously increasing, we are proud to continue hiring local tech talent, and grow the community. Not only is this a testament to the immense talent pool in our region, but also aligns with our dedication to positively impact our local economy.

For us at FMIT, Málaga is home. It is where we started, and it is also the city where we see ourselves staying and continuing to grow for years to come. To our fellow Malagueño tech companies, keep up the great work! To those of you just learning about the Málaga tech industry, come check us out and find out all that we have to offer!