Our core values

Change requires strong beliefs, clear values and taking responsibility.

Adding Value

Adding Value

By thinking independently and understanding real needs, we lead innovation.

  • Be demanding

    We place high expectations on ourselves and our partners, in order to achieve the best possible solutions.

  • Think independently

    Critical and independent thinking is essential to create new ways, and we promote it.

  • Leading innovation

    Innovation requires leading the change, and we are ready to break some eggs to make it happen.

  • Understand real needs

    Without understanding there is no way to add real value. We help you to understand where the added value lies and we drive you through the process of creating it.

Creating Better Future

Creating Better Future

Together we are stronger. By supporting communities we become part of the world transformation.

  • Perspectives

    To make big changes happen, we think beyond the present into the future, to understand a problem from many different perspectives.

  • Communities

    Our ultimate goal as a business is to support our society and community, through our mission, our company results and our actions.

  • Transformation

    We believe in continuous transformation and progress, for individuals, teams, businesses and society.

Job Well Done

Job Well Done

By working with passion we strive for perfection in everything we do to create solutions that always work.

  • Do whatever it takes

    We take pride in achieving our goals and do whatever it takes to accomplish what we promised, however hard it is.

  • Strive for perfection

    Even if perfection is impossible, we continue to aim for it.

  • Work with passion

    We choose only missions we feel passionate about, to make impossible things happen.

  • Solutions that always work

    Technology is here to help us seamlessly and reliable, not the other way around. We are stubborn about this.



Technologically empowered, we build intelligent architectures that allow us to save time and resources.

  • Technologically empowered

    In a world of limited resources, efficiency is the key driving factor for our solution design and technology decisions.

  • Save resources

    Energy and resources are limited and need to be used responsibly. From our solutions to our own installations and tools, we choose the most efficient set-up.

  • Do not waste time

    We save your time and ours, work efficiently, and automatize everything that is possible.

  • Intelligence architectures

    Intelligent architectures are the cornerstone of fast and scalable solutions, that can be integrated with minimum infrastructure costs.



A place where everyone counts is a place where we respect each other with partnership.

  • Everyone counts

    No matter what you do or who you are, we value the voice, skills and ideas of everyone we work with.

  • Value of partnerships

    We look for partnerships, not clients. For our partners, we are 100% on board to understand their goals and needs, and we make them ours.

  • Value hard work

    To create impact you have to push everything -your knowledge, skills, creativity, passion and energy. We value people who are willing to to that.

  • Support ambition

    We empower and support people to realize their potential, surpass their limits and achieve their highest goals.



We believe that another profitable business model is possible by committing ourselves to a green and circular economy.

  • Circular principles

    We must be aware of the impact of our actions. No resource is unlimited.

  • Green energy

    The new energy paradigm is making efficiency a much more important topic. You cannot build software that is using infinite resources and energy.

  • Continuous improvement

    We are continuously asking ourselves how we can do better and add more value.

  • Profitable business

    As a company we have a responsability towards our employees, partners, investors and communities. In order to support them properly we need to ensure a sustainable business.



We always look for talent and potentiate if by investing in learning and supporting ambition.

  • Talent is everywhere

    We are not limited by locations or time zones. We nurture talent, wherever it can be found.

  • Invest in learning

    We will never stop learning, and we support our people and partners in being at the cutting edge of technology.

  • Support education

    We believe in continuous learning, and we are complementing educational knowledge with our experience and understanding in the real world.

  • Create opportunities

    Opportunities do not happen; we create them by being connected and on top of trends and needs.